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I am a dedicated, highly experienced and credentialed clinician and life coach based in Jackson Hole, WY, but with a national presence. When you work with me, you are getting a customized and creative approach to your life and your health that I promise is unsurpassed. Whatever your challenges, I promise to help you to tackle your hurdles while encouraging you to create JOY, PROSPERITY and a HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE!

Integrative Health Consulting


Integrative Health Consulting

This dimension of my practice is focused on people who are suffering in confusion and frustration as they try to interpret their own health trials in the context of today's health care system.  My work is advocate-centric, making recommendations and referrals, educating and providing advice toward achieving the best clinical outcomes.

I assist clients in the creation of an action plan for their best care while connecting and referring them to providers and facilities that will best serve their goals for optimal health and healing.

My health consulting provides a well-trained, seasoned and sophisticated understanding for those who seek interpretation, support, and direction regarding their specific health challenges.  I assist people toward a more personalized, customized and highly-skilled plan of care.  I am committed to integrative and functional medicine, and I direct my clients to that approach. 

"Laurie helped me better balance my biochemistry with pharmaceutical grade supplements and hormones and key dietary adjustments.  I felt better rested and experienced much greater energy throughout my day."