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I am a dedicated, highly experienced and credentialed clinician and life coach based in Jackson Hole, WY, but with a national presence. When you work with me, you are getting a customized and creative approach to your life and your health that I promise is unsurpassed. Whatever your challenges, I promise to help you to tackle your hurdles while encouraging you to create JOY, PROSPERITY and a HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

When you hire a life coach, you are making an investment that will reward you immeasurably.  Life coaching is not therapy, nor is it a “sounding board.”  Instead, life coaching is an exercise in focused attention on your core values and actively manifesting personal fulfillment that will result in joy and prosperity.  You are working with someone who is highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to your optimal life . . . realized.

As an All Connected life coaching client, you will experience meaningful and illuminating conversations with Laurie.  As a clinician, Laurie is a keen listener who will reflect back to you your deepest desires while asking clarifying questions.  She will often encourage you to go deeper while supporting you as you take command of your life with courage.  She uses her strong intuition as she reads between the lines thereby helping clients who have difficulty letting down their guard.

Life coaching encourages people to become the best that they can be, supporting them as they make courageous and powerful changes in their lives.

Life coaching sessions typically run 60-90 minutes and take place over the phone, Skype, or occasionally in person. At the end of every session, Laurie works with her clients to create homework assignments based on the revelations of the day.  “Homework” assists clients as they gain momentum and move toward achieving their goals.  This sort of willing accountability is then shared with Laurie between sessions.

Homework assignments may include a variety of multiple action plans such as: taking steps to change a habit, starting to research a business possibility, planning a vacation, engaging in a community activity or asking a family member or friend to hold the client accountable for certain desired goals.  By taking constructive steps each week, life coaching clients see immediate and rapid results as quality and substance are intentionally crafted into their lives.

“Together we work to create personal and professional lives fueled with inspiration.  We promote vibrant health, freedom and joy in all areas:  mind, body, and spirit, while manifesting the lives we were meant to live.”

Try integrative life coaching, and you will be truly amazed as you see your dreams become your reality.

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